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Samatian island will be exclusively yours during your stay here, we hope you make this feel like home from home during your visit. Please take the time to read this information below as it will make your stay here more enjoyable.


Each Room will be made up in the morning. The room girls will turn down your nets in the evenings and help put down the blind in an event of an afternoon storm.


A solar system powers the camp and most rooms have power sockets for charging your appliances. NO HAIRDRYERS PLEASE. Please turn off all lights when you leave the rooms to conserve battery power & keep away flying insects.


Please bring your own torches for walking between rooms at night. The night watchman Justin is around to assist you and is on call during the night.


Most rooms have a safe for you to lock away your valuables, if not please ask Richard to lock your valuable items away in his safe.


All our water is pumped from the lake. The water is heated via means of a wood boiler and water will be hot in the morning and evenings.  Please don’t flush anything down the loo other than loo paper.

Gratuities: This is by no means a must and will also be dependent on how you feel you have been looked after by our staff. As a guideline we would suggest 500 - 1000 ksh per guest per day as a reasonable amount. Please give the gratuity to Richard on your departure who will share it equally between all staff members.

Swimming: The big lake in front of us, although beautiful has its dangers. Remember that there are hippo and crocodile in the vicinity of the island & swimming in the lake is at your own risk. Please NO SWIMMING AFTER DARK. We have plans to build a new swimming pool. 

Hazards: – Yes there are snakes in Africa. One has to be VERY unlucky to be bitten by a venomous one, and if left alone they will normally retreat, without incident. Please inform the staff of any sightings. We have mostly harmless snakes on the island and you might be lucky enough to see the harmless green spotted bush snake or the endemic Baringo snake. Scorpions: we have 2 species on the island, in the rare and unlucky event that you get stung please don't panic, they give a painful sting but are not deadly. Shake clothing out before putting it on if you have left it on the floor. Malaria is rare in Baringo and especially on the island due to lack of people. However please remember to carry mosquito repellent & cover up in the evenings as a precaution. We are a long way from hospital, and because of this, common sense must prevail at all times. A basic medical kit is located in the Kitchen, please ask Richard. If you need to contact a doctor during your visit Dr Malik is based in Nakuru 0733384376, 0512217138.



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